Looking back at my first trimester of pregnancy, I cannot believe how much travelling I had done! It wasn't just your normal balik kampung travelling, it was more like an 8 hours flight + hours of driving + a getaway trip to a roller-coaster filled theme park! I think my nutrition had something to do with it plus I have my oh-so-gorgeous husband looking after me all the while *smiles!* I promise I will tell you guys all about it in the next few paragraphs.
So here we are travelling back to July 2011...and we are in Gold Coast, Australia!

Warner Bros Gold Coast Australia entrance
My husband and I are right infront of Warner Bros Movie World and you can see a huge roller-coaster right through the gateway into the theme park! Absolutely tummy wrenching. But we didn't go on that particular roller-coaster, it was just too huge LOL, but we did go on a shorter one. Which was still tummy wrenching! And just for the record, I'm about a week pregnant at that time with absolutely no mommy-to-be symptoms. Hence, I took all the rides I possibly could with dear hubby and travelled to my heart's content.

To Paradise Country, a superb farmyard-slash-cowboy theme park:
Paradise Country Gold Coast Australia
And whale watching:
Whale Watching Gold Coast Australia
Sorry, the whale keeps avoiding my camera hence no whale pictures =p
Of course, the beach:
Surfer's Paradise Gold Coast Australia

And then to several other different places!
Travelling Negeri Sembilan Kota Kinabalu Bukit Tinggi Mekah Seoul Korea
When I went to Korea, actually I didn't know that I was pregnant. As I've mentioned, I didn't have any morning sickness…or headaches or lower energy. I am so very grateful for that. And so I went on as usual. Several things I did then and still do now is to take plenty of water (Tips: 1 liter of water for every 25kg of your body weight!) and good nutritious food. I have been totally off fast food which I had totally loved and replaced that with plenty of colourful veg, fruits, a modest amount of either rice or bread and my delicious nutritious shakes! The best thing that I find is that, I can still enjoy my favourite food like ice cream and chocolate as I've changed my thinking to take them as a treat and not as a staple. Hehe!

As I share my experience, I hope in some small way I can help all moms-to-be out there to absolutely enjoy our pregnancies and live a life full of abundance in health insyaAllah =)

Check out my luverly husband's great blog on wellness and weight loss by clicking here. It has a massive amount of great tips and advice!
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