I was last year! And hopefully sometime next year too! *wink*

But anyways, in this blessed month of Ramadhan, I thought it would be very helpful if I could share last year's experience of being pregnant and fasting for the very first time. If at all possible, I would want to hug all my lady friends out there who are going through this for the first time ever and say "Hey, its ok to feel a little bit anxious! And I totally understand if you feel like you just want to crash at the end of the day, you've got a firework of joy inside your tummy after all!"

So hang tight and check out if my tips can help you have an awesome Ramadhan...

Last year was a very eventful Ramadhan for me
So last year, not only was I pregnant and fasting, it turned out that the whole of my 2011 Ramadhan month was full of travels! I went twice out of town which averaged at a 2 hours drive each and flew out of peninsular Malaysia twice as well. And not to mention that I was one month pregnant which means morning sickness in the first few days. But despite all of that, alhamdulillah, I managed to fast the whole of the month except for one day because I was a musafir on a 9 hours flight.

Easing that morning sickness
No denying that I had the occasional morning sickness but luckily it wasn't that bad for me. In fact in the first few weeks I never had any pregnant mom symptoms. But it was a weird feeling when I would even throw up a glass of water. And it was made even more delirious because I almost always manage to wake up totally late for sahur (a super early meal before dawn) and with just 15 minutes on the clock and throwing up and being sleepy...seriously, I almost gave up! But alhamdulillah, I figured a way out. I just needed to take my morning aloe, tea and shake a bit slower to stop the gag reflex. And I have to admit, its all in the mind! I keep repeating my mantra of "This is for the baby, this is for the baby, this is for the baby" and I got myself so psyched up that I got over the nausea on most mornings. So yes! First, eat up slowly. Second, mind over matter!

Have some fun and travel!
Personally, being pregnant does not mean that mommies have to sit all day at home for 9 whole months until you pop, unless of course there's some medical issue (disclaimer!). So I made the most of it and travelled to my heart's content as seen here. Me and hubby made several trips in and out of Shah Alam and in and out of Malaysia during the fasting month. Essentially, I didn't find it too hard to travel by car or by plane during that month. The most crucial thing to have when traveling by car or by plane in my experience, is to have a small pillow handy because an achy back is bound to happen. And you can opt for one of those neck support pillow thingy which does an excellent job at keeping your posture more or less straight in the car. Because be warned, the way that your body lines up during pregnancy is going to change drastically. So you've got to adjust. I can still remember that I still felt pregnant and habitually walked like a penguin even though Baby Riduan was out. I mean, just check out my before and after posture here:

pregnant posturenormal posture before pregnancy
My preggy posture and my normal posture before pregnancy, whatta difference!

And one other super important tip when traveling by plane is to get your doctor's advice and consent letter to fly, which most flights need before you can board. Safety comes first! ^_^

Eat right!
Sahur is really important before fasting during the day. It provides us with energy to go about our daily activities and for new mommies, this is especially important for your baby's growth. When I get up in the morning for sahur with my hubby and my brother in this house, we go for our Herbalife meal so that we can get:

  1. awesome energy to go about our daily activities
  2. to regulate our appetite throughout the day 
  3. for proper balanced nutrition 
  4. and of course because I can't be half arsed to cook a full blown breakfast before the break of dawn. Go figure =p

With Herbalife, I can just blitz it all together and within 15 minutes, I'm done making breakfast AND making sure everyone have downed theirs. Isn't that super easy? I love it!

Herbalife breakfast sahur
My Herbalife sahur

For breaking fast, I have the same exact Herbalife meal and after prayers me and darling hubby will have a normal healthy meal together. 

herbalife dinner breaking fastnormal meal with Herbalife
The first picture shows the Herbalife aloe and tea mix that I take before I take the yummies in the second picture ^_^

Pregnancy and fasting is hard work, but its worth it!
So don't sweat it ladies. Being pregnant is all about our body changing so that we can better carry our babies in the warm cosiness of our belly. Yes it is going to be hard at times but I heard somewhere that tough times doesn't last, only tough ladies do ;) (ok, I tweaked the last portion of that proverb hehe). Hopefully this post will be helpful for you first time mommies and also lovely daddies who are fasting together while taking care of the little one in there. 

Do have a blast and happy Ramadhan people!
{ Aisyah }

Check out my luverly husband's great blog on wellness and weight loss by clicking here. It has a massive amount of great tips and advice!
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