Being pregnant, although MasyaAllah, is nothing short of amazing, can sometimes play havoc on my energy level. Even with my second pregnancy, I do feel a little bit sluggish and just want to sleep-in all day especially when I have this freedom to be working from home. No punch-card or bosses to tell me to get into the office early and start working!

I was bouncing this question off my hubby a couple of weeks back to see what he thinks on how to get that rosy-pregnancy-glow which just screams "ENERGY!". I tried it on for size myself and I think this can help mommies out there to get that energy during pregnancy too.

Ummi, Big Bro Riduan and Baby Angah inside ^_^

This post triggered because I was thinking how different I felt this time around compared to my first pregnancy. In my first trimerster of the first pregnancy, I remember sleeping until 10am or even 11am each morning. I didn't have the energy to get up and go go go! But this time around, I can wake up at 6am and would only need a quick nap at 12 noon to get back on track. And whats more, I don't really sleep THAT early every night. So what's different?

Dreaming on my Vision Board
Just recently, I was getting really annoyed with myself because things that I wanted to happen, wasn't happening. Yes, I am happily pregnant with my second, but there's a whispering in my heart that I should be doing something more...something more to challenge myself. Mentally and spiritually, my energy was just drained. I was researching and looking all over the web for inspiration and time and time again, my searches would always point back to setting a goal. It sounds a little bit repetitive sometimes, but yes, I know that's what I should do.

So I buckled down, reached for Youtube (my go-to reference!) and typed "Zig Zigglar". An avalanche of inspiration landed on top of me! I felt amazing and just brain-dumped whatever I felt at that moment . And here's the result!

Debating if I should put this up for the world to see. Pray for me friends!

I am an image orientated person, so this Dream Board is really helping. Planning to print this out huge and hang it on my bedroom wall. And notice the first green tick mark? Yeay! I achieved that before my own deadline. The adrenaline just rushed in. Thank you Allah for showing me the way!

Working More With Like-minded Lovelies
Not so long ago, my sole concentration on building my home-based business was to get customers a Level 10 results with our Wellness Programs. But then, I started to befriend a number of warm and friendly customers/new-friends who are truly passionate in helping their own circle of influence. And so quite by a stroke fate, I promised one Sunday afternoon to come over to my friend's place to do a Wellness Evaluation on her family and neighbours. So there I went with Little Riduan and Hubby, with a tiny pinch of nervous-ness because I haven't been done this for a long long time! 

Regardless, I went right ahead and before I know it, me and my friend had set up a daily Nutrition Club in her home and I was over at her place as early as 8am everyday! Wow, that really boosted my energy. I was up at 5.30am every morning, pumped up with this amazing energy in my heart, ready to conquer the day. 

    The lovely ladies of our morning Nutrition Club *love!*

    Doubled Up On Nutrition

    Admittedly I only had my 2 shakes a day alongside aloe to calm my digestions and tea for extra energy and I felt really weak earlier on in my second trimester. My husband suggested to ramp up my nutritional intake up to 3 times! This kinda make sense because I am still breastfeeding my first born while pregnant with my 2nd one and the whole ummi-is-pregnant thing is really doing me in. And so I started taking triple of my normal daily Herbalife shakes, drank atleast a minimum of 4 liter of water (I get pretty thirsty but water intake hasn't effected breast milk production as far as I could tell) and made an effort to eat clean which means I try my best to cook at home and even if we do go out for lunch, it means a healthy and colourful meal! Wowz! I got an instant lift in energy. It shows that you really are what you eat ^_^

    Its All A Balancing Act
    Looking back at this post, ENERGY to me is a balanced mix of emotional energy, spiritual energy and physical energy. Just focusing on one of these energies haven't done much for me. When I finally looked inward to see what's going on when I know I should be energetic enough to focus on my day made me realise that being energized is an inward to outward process.

    Share with me: What do you do to energize yourself? Leave a comment here as I would really love to hear from you!

    Happy Monday people! ^_^
    { Aisyah }

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    Imagine this scenario....
    One bright and sunny day, you and your lovely husband decided to leave the city for a short break... Its your quarterly reality check! 
    So you checked-in a hotel resort & spa, greeted warmly by the friendly staff. You walked into your plush deluxe suite and start designing your life together...You spend the whole stay planning the bright, bright future...what's going to happen in 50 years, what you're going to achieve in 10 years, what's coming up in 5 years, what will be in store in 1 year and what awesome goals you're going to acquire in 3 months time.
    And it started out splendid because the very next day you met up with a future business partner! Fantastic!! You jump for joy and head home with your hubby determined to take on the unknown.....but then suddenly the unknown hits hard and takes you on first!

    You lost your handbag and money!!! You got an allergic reaction from all those Spanish seafood tapas that you had at the resort!!! The bank suddenly credited your account for a payment that you've already paid!!! Your mood spirals out of control and all you want to do is scream at your husband!!! Where will this end!!!!
    Should you just throw in the towel and give it all up???

    This is the time where all I want to do is to just shut everything out and stare into blank space. All I want to do is to just give up and hope that it will all be over soon. That is exactly what I would do if it were not for a short podcast that I heard this morning from Mr Michael Hyatt. Life saver! 

    Resistance is that powerful gloom-and-doom feeling that you feel when you are about to start something remarkable in your life for instance in my case, progressing to the next level in my weightloss and wellness business. Its that great massive invisible boulder that suddenly drops in front of you out of nowhere threatening to ruin your journey. Its that imaginary stab in the heart that gets you every time. Now is the time to deal with it!

    #1 - Deal With Your Fear
    The number one feeling that I have whenever the Resistance shows its face is the sinking feeling of fear. And I haven't even gotten started yet on my goals! It's so amazing that sometimes the fear have nothing to do with the goals that I am trying to achieve. For example, my main task in my business is to help people to lose weight in a healthy way but then the Resistance shows itself in the form of "A lost handbag". I mean, what does that have to do with achieving my goals? 

    And what's the instinctive thing to do? Procrastinate. Chicken out and maybe do it tomorrow or after the cat's 9th birthday (if I'll ever have a cat that is!). Well...we all know where that will lead to.

    So what's the best thing to do? Try Start. Just start the ball rolling! So with that in mind, I took a step back and called the last few people I met if they saw my handbag...and guess what? They did! Then I went on ahead with my plans...and today is the most happiest day out of the whole week! Seriously powerful advice....Just Start and Do It!

    #2 - Deal With Uncertainty
    The second thing that I felt is the Uncertainty that I'm never going to make it. It's never going to happen. Even if I did anything progressive, I'm never going to be able to get even my first five customers....yep, I've felt that way dozens of time. So the podcast gave me an advice to Focus! Sharp like a laser and stop being like an incandescent light bulb, dispersing energy all over the place. Focus your energy on your goals! Distractions are everywhere and the biggest one has got to be the Resistance.

    So with a mental slap on the face, I gave it a shot. Focus on your dreams! Just like the law of attraction, the phone rang and an excited customer told me her weightloss results. That instantly gave me a boost and I know I will make it through the Whatevers. Second awesome advice...Focus!

    #3 - Deal With Doubt
    Yes, I do agree with the podcast that Doubt comes about when we're about to finish a task or a project. My knee-jerk reaction would be to just quit and dive into my duvet where I'm safe. But that would be the typical me and I vow from now on that I've got to believe in myself and from now on, I just need to push through to the end which comes to our third advice...finish the work!

    So with that in mind, if anyone says "Give up little lady?"'s my short answer:


    Happy Wednesday people! ^_^
    { Aisyah }

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