Baby Wrap: The Boba

Baby Wrap: The Boba
As a mom who runs her own business in Fitness and Weight Loss while taking care of two active kiddos, I find it sometimes impossible to do any sort of active movements let alone exercising! Most of the time I carry around my almost 3 months old Baby Atief while having 2 year old Little Riduan running around, bumping into me and making carrying baby around almost super dangerous. And here is where my newly purchased baby wrap - The Boba Wrap saved my life!

Me working out in our Fit Club Body Combat class with the Boba Baby Wrap

What's in the box?

I got my Baby Wrap - The Boba in a cute purpler colour. So in the box, we have:
How does baby likes it?
I got the The Boba Baby Wrap when my Baby Atief was just turning 2 months old. He's quite a tiny baby (weighing only 2.7kg when he came out), so a baby wrap is just perfect for him since it is totally adjustable to his body size. I had a soft front carrier before, but Baby Atief just doesn't fit in that one. So for a smaller sized baby or a premie, a wrap is just perfect.

And how does Baby Atief likes it? He absolutely fell in love with it the first time I carried him in there. Just look at the picture below...he fell asleep in The Boba Baby Wrap right inside the baby shop! Hehe, so Ummi just gotta buy it. Clever boy! ^_^

Us at Lunatots and just looky at Baby Atief fast asleep!
Source: Lunatots Cloth Diaper facebook Fanpage

The only thing that I'm trying to figure out right now with The Boba Baby Wrap is that Baby Atief doesn't seem to like when I sit down. He'll wake up and struggle and struggle and eventually scream his lungs out, wanting me to stand again. Is it pain? Is it uncomfortable? Or is it just baby's character?? I'm not sure right now... I'll give it a few more days and answer this question.

How does Mama likes it?
Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE it!!!! My business is to do with health and fitness. So most of the time I'm in my sports gear, being super active or organising my Fit Club. I felt really bewildered after my maternity rest since I couldn't do Fit Clubs or just being plain active in my daily life. Baby Atief kinda likes it more when I'm with him, and its like he's got a sixth sense whenever I'm not around him, even if he is sleeping.

So getting The Boba Baby Wrap really...I mean REALLY helped!!! Baby Atief just goes to sleep when I put him in there and doesn't seem to mind my jumping about like for instance in Body Combat class. Check out this video, baby love is asleep while I kick some invisible butts!

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