Boba Wrap Malaysia

Boba Wrap Malaysia
My review of how the Boba Wrap held up while I travelled from Malaysia to Singapore with my energetic 3 months old baby, curious 2 year old toddler and a super patient husband.
That's us in an Air Asia flight. My cheeky Little Riduan loves to pose for a photo heeee~!

Our little family here LOVES to travel and we do it quite a lot. Not only do we go around Malaysia from the east to the west constantly, we travel outside of Malaysia quite often too - every 3 months or so. Back when we first had our first child, Little Riduan, travelling with a bulky-super-comfy-3-wheeled stroller was not a big deal. But when we had Baby Atief, I was dead nervous planning our first trip abroad. I searched high and low to kit out our travelling family and I am super excited to say that the Boba Wrap Malaysia to Singapore trip was a success!!

How comfy is the Boba Wrap?
If you haven't already, check out my first review of wearing the Boba Wrap that I got from Lunatots while attending a Body Combat Fit Club in Shah Alam. Yup, I am THAT active. Comfy wise, the Boba Wrap really makes carrying Baby Atief around Malaysia and Singapore a breeze. The weight is well distributed on my body and I hardly feel the weight at all. Even when I was literally 90% on my feet all day long for four days. 

5 things that I love about my Boba Wrap Malaysia to Singapore trip:
  1. Great for my back pain 
    I have a history of severe back-pain, shoulder-pain, arm-pain and hand-pain. Back in my corporate days, I didn't know that I had to take care of my posture while working for probably...12 hours straight daily and that costs me my back. So on my 4 days trip with the Boba Wrap Malaysia to Singapore, I came back home back-pain free! Yeay!!
  2. Energetic baby saver
    For some sort of reason, Baby Atief has an extra abundance of energy, doesn't stay asleep easily and loves to be held close at all times. So a stroller is most of the time, not the ideal option. Yes, the first time that I wore Baby Atief in the Boba Wrap, he trashed around and made a point that he didn't like it! But love is not always at first sight right? Hehe. So now, 2 weeks after getting the Boba Wrap, I can safely say he absolutely adores it. Kudos Boba Wrap!
  3. Even Daddy can wear it
    My kiddos affectionally calls their daddy - Walid. And Walid was at first a bit nervous wearing Baby Atief in the Boba Wrap Malaysia to Singapore. Can't blame him since Walid is super tall and I barely comes up to his shoulders. But check out the photo below! I think Walid is starting to love the wrap :D

  4. Travelling on Public Transport is a breeze
  5. For me, Singapore has one of the most navigatable public transportation in the Asia Pacific region and I absolutely love the extra mile that was put in to make sure that pedestrians and tourist (especially mommies and daddies with little children) have an easy time navigating the city. So me and hubby decided that we're going to take advantage of this and went taxi-less for the whole stay in Singapore. Baby Atief was far less fussy and stayed asleep for most of the train ride in the Boba Wrap. And I was far less nervous when hopping on and off the trains and "Minding the Gap" and all that since I have my hands free to grab on to the hand rails. 

    Hands free for a quick selfie at the trains!

  6. Ice Breaker!
    Can I say ICE BREAKER loud enough?! Its an amaaaazing conversation starter and I love it! The Boba Wrap Malaysia to Singapore travel was far more exciting this way. I get to know more local Singaporeans whom are super warm and friendly. And I cannot tell you how many "Oh wow!" and "Your baby is so cute" compliments that I got from a lot of people. I'm quite surprised that a baby wrap is not such a common sight may it be in Singapore or Malaysia. I feel kinda cool hehe.
My review of the Boba Wrap Malaysia to Singapore family trip
Travelling from Singapore to Malaysia while towing two little ones along was an absolute pleasure for me and hubby. The trip was for both business and pleasure and for both reasons, alhamdulillah our Boba Wrap Malaysia and Singapore trip this time around was a massive success! Looking forward to more baby wrapping travelling around the globe yeay!

Us at our annual Asia Pacific Herbalife Extravaganza Wellness and Fitness training

If you want to get your very own Boba Wrap Malaysia, give Lunatots on their fabulous facebook page a personal message to see if you can get one in your area. Happy babywearing!
 Lunatots Facebook Page

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