Fitness Class In Shah Alam

Fitness Class In Shah Alam
You don't HAVE to go to a gym to get fit. Why not try a fitness class in Shah Alam or more fondly known as our Fit Club to get to the fitness level that you want!

Source: Fit Coach Syahkila

Myself and my Fit Coach team have always been working out. Individually that is. It is totally fine to work on your fitness by yourself. But why do that when you can have so much fun working out in a team with other like-minded people! And so the Fit Club (Fitness Class in Shah Alam) was born.

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As Weightloss and Fitness Coaches of our fitness class in Shah Alam, myself and my amazing team have always tried our very best to make sure that all of our coach-ees are always improving and getting to their best shape ever. Our philosophy is to provide to as many people as possible the opportunity to do this in a friendly, fun and magical atmosphere, living a healthy active lifestyle to their fullest. We're even amidst plans of making our Fit Club Kid-Friendly! 

In addition, we're running a friendly Fit Challenge in our Fit Club and I am soooo thrilled to see so many new people in Shah Alam joining in the fun while challenging themselves and each other to get fit and lose those unwanted kilos. And so I would like to take this opportunity to give you readers a tester of how much fun our Fit Clubbers are having! 

Monday: Dance Fitness 
Source: Shah Alam Fit Challenge

Tuesday: Bootcamp

Source: Fit Coach Uwais Atiqah

Wednesday: Yoga
Source: Shah Alam Fit Challenge

Thursday: Body Combat
Source: Shah Alam Fit Challenge

Friday: Running Club
Source: Shah Alam Fit Challenge

Super fun and we would love to have more people joining in the Fitness Movement! Hope to see you there soon! Click here to join or Fit Club fitness class in Shah Alam.

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