Family Day di Port Dickson
Alhamdulillah, tema pada Family Day kali ini adalah....hijau!! Rindu sangat pada keluarga dan kali ini Family Day di Port Dickson memang penuh dengan aktiviti melepaskan rindu. Hehe!

Pada post kali ini, saya tunjukkan secara "picture essay" dan khas ditujukan buat family tercinta.

❤ aisyah

Finding the direction of my blog
My blog has finally come into 3 years of fruition and today I’m taking a little bit of time in finding the direction of my blog. In my little community of healthy active lifestylers, a "Fix and Celebrate” moment has become our daily routine to grow. So today I am Fixing the direction of my blog and Celebrating the growth of my personal space in this massive internet.

Source: Gratisography

Since I was in Primary School, writing has always been my passion and a way for me to express how I feel. Coming across the internet back in the days when the word blogging didn’t even exist, website building was the natural thing to do. And so away I went writing about the trials and tribulations of my teenage, hormonally charged life. And then blogging came around, and I totally resonated with it. I was so resonated that I think I’ve set up a dozen or so blogs to suit my own needs to let loose on some thoughts and just as quickly, I abandoned the blogs to pursue other types of writing.

It surprised even myself that this blog of mine survived and thrived well over the two years mark! I read around that blogs have got to have a specific direction so thats its not just me ranting on and on about the trial and tribulations of life or me just promoting products and stuff that other people don’t even want to read!

What are the types of posts that I resonates most with my beloved readers and keeps me inspired to write more?

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