How To Stock Up On Food And Lose Weight

Tesco Malaysia Online Shopping is pretty amazing in planning out my weekly grocery shopping. It's one of the best tool that I recommend to lose weight. I get tons and tons of queries almost daily on what to eat while going on a weightloss program. So this is my one of BIGGEST tip. Pre-plan your grocery shopping!

Current month promotion...pretty sweet deal!

I love Tesco Malaysia Online Shopping mainly because of these four reasons:

Ever since I’ve heard about the “Happiness Project” book by Gretchen Rubin, I’ve wanted to read it. But of course I’ve been procrastinating about the whole happiness thing and am I so sorry I did. Strangely enough, it didn’t only shifted my perspective on happiness by a few degrees, it also lead me down the path of discovering that small little things repeated daily can bring such a huge impact as shown by Gretchen Rubbin herself, successfully scoring a New York Times Best Seller and all.

I have never done a book review but I think Gretchen Rubbin’s The Happiness Project has helped me quite a lot in the past month and I’m truly honoured to review it today.

We don’t have enough family swimming equipment!

On this journey for a healthy active lifestyle, me and hubby are always looking for ways to make working out fun. Fun has a tendency to become a habit in our little family. So we found that swimming is soooo much fun AND burns a ton of calories. Hence, we got swimming quite a bit.
Yet in terms of the equipments that we need, all I have at the moment are quite well worn swimsuits which I think I've used for the past 6 years, I’ve got no proper head caps to cover my hair, Riduan’s swimsuit is getting tight, Abang’s is ok I think, but maybe an additional extra goggle and proper swim pants. And Baby Atief have none! And I’m just dreaming of swimming nappies and not to resort to normal nappies which puffs up and makes Riduan and Atief look like Donald Duck. And look at me! Hehe ^_^

This was off a website that I write for. Click here to read the article :)

So here’s the family swimming equipment that I really wish for since we go on swimming trips quite a lot:

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