Family Swimming Equipment Wishlist

We don’t have enough family swimming equipment!

On this journey for a healthy active lifestyle, me and hubby are always looking for ways to make working out fun. Fun has a tendency to become a habit in our little family. So we found that swimming is soooo much fun AND burns a ton of calories. Hence, we got swimming quite a bit.
Yet in terms of the equipments that we need, all I have at the moment are quite well worn swimsuits which I think I've used for the past 6 years, I’ve got no proper head caps to cover my hair, Riduan’s swimsuit is getting tight, Abang’s is ok I think, but maybe an additional extra goggle and proper swim pants. And Baby Atief have none! And I’m just dreaming of swimming nappies and not to resort to normal nappies which puffs up and makes Riduan and Atief look like Donald Duck. And look at me! Hehe ^_^

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So here’s the family swimming equipment that I really wish for since we go on swimming trips quite a lot:

For Ummi (that's what my kids call me)

1. Hasema // 2. Raqtive - Front // 3. Raqtive - Back

The Hasema swimsuit is a dream come true! Not form fitting which I am working on right now as a muslimah and its super cute. Although, I would want to swap the swimming hijab with the one from Raqtive, so that I can cover up the chest area and still look dangerously sporty. I love the stripes on the Raqtive Sports Hijab too!

For Walid (that's what my kids call my husband)
My husband's swim wear is pretty simple. All he really need to feel comfortable is a dryfit t-shirt (which dries quickly when he gets out of the pool and doesn't make a terrible mess like cotton tshirt do) and modest men swimming trunks/shorts which covers up the knees. I love these ones from the brand Rajoul:
For 2 years and 7 months old Big Brother Riduan
Aren't these the cutest thing ever!! Right now Riduan wears a full-body swimming trunk but I think I might just graduate him to a rashguard (apparently that's what these are called) attire. My littler surfer dude! :D

Get these here! -->

For 7 Months Old Baby Atief
These are my hubby's favourite. Baby Atief doesn't have any swimwear yet so I think from previous experience, these are wonderful!

Found these on alexandalexa 

And the finale, swimming diapers please!
I think its about time that I quit scrimping and get my boys proper swimming diapers. With normal diapers, they look like little ducklings wadding about with the diapers ballooning up with swimming pool water! Hehe, they look hilarious. Just that I don't know where to get them in Malaysia. Online perhaps~

There's two types here that one of them, I didn't know existed before. The Huggies Little Swimmers are getting raved reviews from lots of Mommy Bloggers like here from Nadine and here from Ummu Mujahid.

Oh Wish Please Come True!
InsyaAllah boleh ^_^ Where there's a will, there's a way. Happy swimming everybody!

**Note to self: This post took 7 days to complete! That's in between new business ventures, flu season and Hari Raya Haji hehe

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