The Secret of Showing Up and Losing Weight

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The Happy Ummi Weight Loss Program

In this highly digitised world, showing up is hard but those who consistently shows up produces magic. Putting this into our perspective, have you ever wondered why an amazing weight loss product that everyone is raving about just doesn’t seem to work on you? Or have you ever searched for hours on end online to get the best tips to lose those agonising extra weight? Or is this the umpteenth time that you’re trying yet another weight loss program? I may just have the answer for you. It’s all about the secret of showing up and losing weight. Discover why this could be your ticket to declare yourself a Weight Loss Winner!

Sometimes I am guilty of not showing up. I give lots and varied amount of excuses not to go to a meet-up..maybe its the baby, maybe its the weather, maybe something like “oh yeah, I have this massive super important thing to do that I have to get done TODAY” but I never really got it done and yeah, I miss out on a lot of things. Opportunities missed that won’t come back again.

For the people I coach for weight loss, in my humble opinion, the number one factor of their success is the number of show ups through out the weight loss program. Just like showing up for class to learn about something new, knowing how to lose the weight is no different. Show up for follow-up weigh-ins, show up on the phone for a quick hi and hello, show up at our weight loss challenges, show up at our customer night and share success stories, showing up at trainings. It all adds up! 

And I found that the more challenges that one has when trying to show up to a meeting or event, the more amazing it is the result of those occasions. Just look at the photo of a Community Workout that my team held below! Its Maria Tunku Sabri from Jalan-jalan Cari Makan! I didn't go so I missed out big time today ^_^

Why oh why do I have to show up?

  • Putting yourself on display - As much as possible, I love to meet my weight loss participants for a weekly follow-up. Whenever I meet a coach-ee for a follow-up, I can see that the person is making visible effort to stay cool and not break into a sweat. I can understand that it is nerve wrecking to have ourselves weighed and evaluated! But is absolutely necessary. When I meet someone face-to-face, the challenges that they are going through are better conveyed and we can tackle these obstacles much more easier rather than through a text message or talking over the phone.
  • Save time - At my coaching sessions in our Nutrition Club or Fit Club, I almost always would have other coaches or other successful participants around to share with us their experiences. The easiest path to a more effective weight loss is when we can meet other like-minded people who have gone through the same experience. And most of the time, they can tell us the challenges that they have been through so that we can avoid making the same mistakes again.
  • Get your mental running shoes on - Show up with an eagerness to learn. Show up with 100% of your attention. Show up with a positive attitude. And most importantly…show up on time! Lol, even I am working on this ;) But yes, magical things happen at our follow-up sessions. You just have to be open to the opportunity to see it.

Woody Allen used to say, 80% of life is about showing up. Time to show up for your success. 


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