Herbalife Malaysia Wellness Tour Review 

Can you guess how much fat content is in all of these different types of potato products? At first glance I would have said pretty much the same, probably varying by a few grams here and there. But wow, was I wrong! The difference is massive! Glad that I learnt something new this week by attending the Herbalife Malaysia Wellness Tour instead of lying in bed all day. Tee hee!

Different types of potato products courtesy of Herbalife Malaysia Wellness Tour

So last Saturday, my husband and me with two kids in tow went to the Herbalife Malaysia Wellness Tour... all ears to hear the talk by Dr. Marion from Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory Board. She came all the way from Ulm, Germany where she does research and treat obesity patients. Bringing our two kiddos along was pretty appropriate since part of her work includes child obesity. I was all geared up to hear how we can help our kids to maintain healthy body weight through their lives plus I do have clients with children who are overweight. This is despite the fact that their parents are on a proper calorie controlled and nutritious diet. No better time to learn than at this young and tender age me thinks ^_^

Meet Dr. Marion!

What I love about Dr. Marion is that she walks the talk. Although I have no idea how old she is, she looks pretty fit on stage. She’s been on Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory Board for 20 plus years which is very telling of her age. She’s an expert on metabolic disorder and you can review her credentials on this link here.

Doctor Marion in Herbalife Malaysia Wellness Tour
When I was a child, I wasn’t very overweight. In fact, I looked pretty lean looking back in the old picture albums. However, just about when I reached the age of 12 my weight just exploded way out of control. Those were the days of potato fries, potato chips, potato mash, pizza, burgers, frankfurters, gassy drinks, chocolates, cakes, sweet “fruit” juices, candy…you name it, I consumed it. I used to be so confused why my hips and thighs were growing out of proportion to the rest of my body. It was even more terrifying when my skin cracked and formed the dreaded stretch marks. My body continued to grow fatter into my teenage years and it does nothing for my self-esteem/hormonally-charged-emotions. Wouldn’t it be great if we can avoid this from happening to our own kiddos?

So here are three take aways that I got from Doctor Marion's talk.

One Potato, Seven Ways To Increase Its Fat Content

Or how not to increase it actually.

One of the discussion that I found interesting was that Dr. Marion walked us through the fat content in different types of potato products. Boiled potato weighing 200g would have a fat content of 0.2g compared to potato chips which would have 78g. That’s 390 times the difference in fat!!! Sometimes I can mindlessly go through a bag of chips and still feel hungry at the end of the bag. I think that is true for any type of chips.

Fat content in different potato products courtesy of Herbalife Malaysia Wellness Tour

In Malaysia, there’s a whole industry that markets chips made from tuber and fruit produce. So for the sake of comparison, here’s the statistics that I found in 200 grams of different type of chips that Malaysian snacks on:

  • Kerepek Bawang (Onion Chips) - 60 grams of fat 
    • Main ingredient wheat flour - 2 grams of fat
  • Kerepek Ubi (Tapioca Chips) - 50 grams of fat 
    • Main ingredient tapioca - 0 grams of fat - WHAT!!
  • Kerepek Ubi Sambal (Tapioca Spiced Chips) - 48 grams of fat
    •  Main ingredients tapioca - 0 grams of fat
So cook your food the intelligent way people! :D

How to Calculate Your BMI

The calculations are quite simple. Get your weight in kilograms and your height in metres. Then do the below calculations:

BMI = Weight / (Height x Height)

Or simply click this link to calculate it automatically .

However, Dr. Marion pointed out that the Caucasion BMI range and the Asian BMI range is different. Check out the reference below to see if your BMI is within range:


  • Normal Weight: 18.5 - 24.9
  • Overweight: > 25


  • Normal Weight: 18.5 - 22.9
  • Overweight: > 23

Fun Facts:

  1. Malaysia has the fattest population in South East Asia
  2. Malaysia is the 6th fattest in the Asia Pacific Region
Our mission to fight the obesity epidemic seems to be bigger than ever to me!

Unhealthy Habits of Our Modern Society

In my opinion, Dr. Marion perfectly describes the way Malaysians are eating and gaining weight little-by-little. In one category we have the Busy Excutives who has no time to eat meals. I was in this category before. I would skip breakfast all together and have brunch which will mainly consist of roti canai, nasi lemak, kuih-muih… the works! And then I would go on to have a big lunch…get sleepy by the afternoon. Skip my evening snack and dinner. And have a late supper. I was wondering why on earth I was gaining weight even though I skipped meals. I should be losing more weight right? Wrong! Having meals at a consistent period of time and of course having the right kind of food will help us to reduce the weight and keep it at a healthy level.

Next we have the Young Generation. Fast food all the way. Its just too convenient plus with living in a rental, there’s no need to have a stove or cookware. All you have to do is pick up the phone and food is delivered to your door! High in calories and low in nutrition. Its just not the way to go.

And finally, Families. Eating out constantly, bringing children along. There’s just no raw food to prepare and no mess to clean up. And you can order your food in just mere minutes. What a dream! However this is a nightmare just waiting to happen.

Those categories just shed some light to me and our team at Raudhah Nutrition Club in Shah Alam. Does Herbalife work to help at least these three categories to lead a healthier lifestyle? It sure can! Check out my post on how my own family incorporate Herbalife Nutrition into our daily mealy plan (it is in the Malay Language).

Herbalife Malaysia Review on Astro Awani

Dr. Marion did a great Herbalife review recently on Astro Awani. What I love about it is that it is backed up with science and making it our daily habit simplifies a lot of the tough decisions on meals that we have around the house.

Watch the video and leave a comment for any questions.

Thanks for reading!

Saya nak kurus!
Saya nak fit!
Saya nak lebih sihat!
Bina kekuatan daya tahan itu dari dalam, bukan yang dipinjam dari luar.
You can do it!

Or How I Woke Up That Burning Desire At 5am

I am not a morning person as of late and last Sunday I had to make it to the Spectacular 24 Fit Hour which meant that I had to get up at 5am…on a Sunday...Totally coming out of my comfort zone just to go for a workout. Even you would have felt the same if you have two very active little boys refusing to sleep early last night right?

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